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"In 2001 I began a daily email subscription highlighting events in that day in history, and this blossomed into a syndicated radio program that is now  heard  on radio stations  coast-to-coast  and around the world via the Armed Forces Network, as well on various websites throughout the Internet.  (You can hear a sample episode on my Almanac page.) 

"Since that time I began the Almanac, I have also (using my own production company)  recorded a few CDs of piano music, converted my daily emails into a 12-book edition reference set and even began recording the best audiobooks.  It is my hope that you will take the time to check out each of these and, hopefully, choose something to take away."


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Payne County  Weekly




Doing the right thing was always a clear, easy decision for LaShelle Roland, editor of Payne County Weekly in Stillwater, Oklahoma, until she discovers the District Attorney's Drug Task Force is actually shielding major drug dealers from prosecution. The Sun, Stillwater's powerful daily newspaper, is part of the corruption cover up and is pressuring LaShelle to sell her struggling paper to keep a lid on the story.

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