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"Welcome to my corner of the Internet.  Please feel free to snoop around and check out my radio show, books, audiobooks (available on Audible and and CDs.   

"In 2001 I began a daily email subscription highlighting events in that day in history, and this blossomed into a syndicated radio program that is now  heard  on radio stations  coast-to-coast  and around the world via the Armed Forces Network, as well on various websites throughout the Internet.  (You can hear a sample episode on my Almanac page.)   Plus, Mr. Ward has also began hosting a weekly countdown featuring the classic sounds of the 70s

"Since that time I began the Almanac, I have also (using my own production company)  recorded a few CDs of piano music, converted my daily emails into a 12-book edition reference set and even began recording the best audiobooks.  It is my hope that you will take the time to check out each of these and, hopefully, choose something to take away."


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The Cure



According to his degree, Luke Stills is an archaeologist. His attachment as a civilian asset to a paramilitary organization is not on that degree nor on his resume. Only a few know about the POW camp he and his team just uncovered in China, but Luke is used to a certain amount of secrecy and adrenaline when it comes to missions like that. In fact the most exciting thing on his plate at the moment is rushing home from China in time for Thanksgiving dinner with his friend and colleague, Kate Andirson. It's when people start trying to kill him and everyone close to him that he realizes there is a horrible sickness connected to what they uncovered - and it's up to Luke and Kate to get to the cure in time.

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