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"In 2001 I began a daily email subscription highlighting events in that day in history, and this blossomed into a syndicated radio program that is now  heard  on radio stations  coast-to-coast  and around the world via the Armed Forces Network, as well on various websites throughout the Internet.  (You can hear a sample episode on my Almanac page.) 

"Since that time I began the Almanac, I have also (using my own production company)  recorded a few CDs of piano music, converted my daily emails into a 12-book edition reference set and even began recording the best audiobooks.  It is my hope that you will take the time to check out each of these and, hopefully, choose something to take away."

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Welcome to Utica



The story begins in 2010 with the discovery of a badly injured, unclothed woman found with the remains of a special forces team in Afghanistan. When she is brought to the field hospital, high ranking military Chaplain Gabriel "Gabe" Wingford arrives to give her an identity and take her out of the country. Moving to 2014, Gabe is retired in Utica, OK where Angeline - the woman found in Afghanistan - is an exceptionally perceptive investigative consultant for the police department.


When a pregnant woman is murdered, Gabe and Angie discover she is a patient of Utica's groundbreaking fertility clinic, which works miracles for women who are unable to conceive. As the investigation progresses they discover dark forces behind the DNA research, and a battle between Heaven and Hell is underway for the soul of Utica with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

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