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"Welcome to my corner of the Internet. Please feel free to snoop around and check out my radio show, books, audiobooks (available on Audible and and CDs


"In 2001 I began a daily email subscription highlighting events in that day in history which eventually blossomed into a syndicated radio program. Nowadays, I host a weekly countdown called The Super Seventies, which highlights not only the music, but the culture of the time of delight and decadence. 


"Since that time I began my first program, I have also (using my own production company) recorded a few CDs of piano music, converted my daily emails into a 12-book edition reference set and even began recording the best audiobooks. It is my hope that you will take the time to check out each of these and, hopefully, choose something to take away."

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The Super Seventies


 Check out the great songs of the time and re-live some of the events that set the stage for the future.  From the end of the Beatles to the birth of Disco, catch every beat of this colorful decade.  To hear a sample of the show, visit 



With almost two-dozen published audiobooks, W.B. Ward lends his talents breathing life into the characters and giving a true voice to some of the world's most talented authors.  Check out the library of currently available titles.

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Wild Heart


Gage Colton, ex-gunman turned Christian, is searching for the man who killed his father. After witnessing a gunfight in Tombstone, he feels God urging him to change his plans. If he obeys the Holy Spirit, it may cost him dearly; possibly even his life.

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Public Speaker

W.B. Ward is a great public speaker for your event.  Delivering an inspirational and motivational speech, he uses his experience to illustrate the effectiveness one can have on others in his presentation called "Second Chances".  Click on the pic to go to the Vlog page and see the three-part series, "Second Chances: A New Day With New Opportunities."


To contact Mr. Ward, simply go to the "Contact Us" page and send us a message.

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