About W.B. Ward


Having worked as a mentalist, he discovered that his effects were often based on tricks used by con men to swindle honest people from their hard-earned money.  Using his craft as a springboard, Mr. Ward began researching various schemes to defraud unwitting victims, and he has compiled his findings into a book called Brother Can You Spare a Dime? And Other Popular Cons, along with suggested defenses again each con.  (Sadly, however, this book is currently out of print.)  His younger brother Tim has since picked up a magic wand and has taken over the Ward family tradition of performing. Visit his website at TimWardMagic.com.

Born in 1958, W. B. Ward has worked in various fields of the entertainment industry including music, radio, television, theatre, concerts, carnivals, professional wrestling, and so on.

In radio he has worked in stations coast to coast including, but not limited to, 97.5 KMOD, 101.5 the Beat, 92.1 KISS FM, KOOL 106.1, KAKC AM 1300, AM 1430 the Buzz, KMUS, KRLQ, KBIX; KGNX-TV, KRRG-FM, KRKC-FM, KNIC, and KVOO.  His television credits include KGNS-TV, KOKI Fox 23, KLDO-TV, KOTV, KTUL, KJRH, ABC’s That’s Incredible, Westwood One’s PM Magazine,  and was invited to perform on NBC’s Phenomenon.  Currently he writes and produces a daily 2-minute feature, Wards Daily Almanac, which airs on stations around the country (as well as in more than 120 countries via the Armed Forces Network.).

Playing over 30 instruments, he is also an accomplished musician.  His love of performing combined with his love for music encouraged him into the studio where he has recorded (and is currently recording) a number of CDs as well as an admirable library of audiobooks.

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