Almanac Broadcast and Books

The Broadcast (scroll down for a sample episode)

 It all started as an emailed subscription but is now a syndicated radio program heard on radio stations across the United States, as well as in more than 120 countries around the world via the Armed Forces Radio Network. (On June 8, 2017, we broadcast our 3,000th episode!!)

Each program features a few bits of history with soundbites and music; some events historic, others trivial, all entertaining.  Besides notable events like the attack on Pearl Harbor or the signing of the Declaration of Independence,  you will also hear about events not covered in history books like the origination of Buffalo Wings, the issue of the first American social security check or when beer first became available in cans.

If you are a radio station and you are interested in carrying Ward's Daily Almanac, please visit the Contact page and let us know.  Be sure to include any website you may have as well as let us know your market of license.  To see a current list of stations, please click the link below. 

If you would like to feature this program on your station or podcast, simply fill out the contact form on the first page of this website and ask for details.  The program is offered on your choice of barter or sell.

Affiliated Radio Stations


Armed Forces Network


WHEP 1310,  1290AM WOPP,   97.5 WKLS Sports, 98.3 Fox FM WFXO


News Radio 970 KFBX


KMTB, B99.5;  KNAS 105.5






WEFA, WFJF 103.3 FM, WRLE 94.9 FM, WDLN 104.9 FM, WFJV 103.3 FM, WZEU 102.9 FM 


KACH Radio 1340 AM & 105.5 FM 






KJCK AM-1420 


Kool 96.7 FM & 910 AM WTGO

KVMO V104.3

New York 

WJJL 1440 AM 


 KLCK 1400 AM 

South Dakota 

KBJM Radio 


Talk 101.3 the Buzz, WJOC 1490


KFYN, the Warrior 


Bach FM 107.9 

West Virginia 

WHAW 980 AM, WVRW 107.7, WOTR 96.3 


, A Box of Chocolates (Facebook group), Blacklight Radio

What Radio Stations Are Saying

WFJV 103.3FM

There is nothing quite like Ward's Daily Almanac.  We are in our third year and it is a powerful kickoff to every hour of our morning show.  The content is informative as well as entertaining, and may I add well-produced.
Frank Vela Jr., WFJV Community Radio Group

WOPP 1290 AM

The Almanac is a great report of the day in history.  We air the Almanac at midnight, then again at 6:15 am, noon, and the afternoon drive at 3:45 pm.  We have had W.B. on our morning show; he is a great guest!  
Robert H. Boothe Jr. GM/WOPP

Blacklight Radio

Ward's Daily Almanac delivers events serious, humorous and historical, in an entertaining and interesting way. He never spends too long on any one event, but provides enough details to make you say, "I remember!"
Gene Savage, Owner/GM Blacklight Radio

Sample Episode

Click the player below and listen to a  sample episode of Ward's Daily Almanac.

The Almanac Books

Start your collection

Available in a 12-volume set,  each book is illustrated and is designed for each month of the year.  Twelve books in all, each offer a unique look into our past and is a must for the bookshelf for anyone interested in history, trivia or entertaining light reading.  Order the entire collection today.  

Look below for each book and order someone for the month they were born, for the month they were married, or collect the whole set.  Simply click on (or tap) the individual book covers to order.

The Book of January

The Book of February

The Book of March

The Book of April

The Book of May

The Book of June

The Book of July

The Book of August

The Book of September

The Book of October

The Book of November

The Book of December