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 It's the classic sound of the Seventies; from the end of the Beatles to the birth of disco.  It's the sounds that accompanied an entire generation through high school and helped prepare to face the coldness of life.  And besides great music and historic milestones, each episode will feature two cameo appearances from the late, great Gary Owens (yes, that Gary Owens). Offered strictly as a barter program, this weekly program is great for the weekends, but is not dated in any way so that it will easily fit within any time block,  Plus, this program offers a giant 14-minutes of local avails making this program a potential revenue-generating program designed to appeal to the 45-64 demographic!  Check out the demo below and then contact us to add The Super Seventies to your programming line-up. 

What Stations are Saying

What Stations are Saying

What Stations are Saying

WJJL in Buffalo is a "Top40" oldies format covering the early 50's through the early 80's. Of course the 70's are played also and "Super 70s" fits right in very easily. The audience response has quit favorable too, thanks WB. - Steve Mitchell, WJJL New York

I have had many comments how people enjoyed the program. . . .Our Streaming load increases at Noon on Saturday's

THE SHOW IS A WINNER!!!!!! - Robert Boothe, GM WOPP Alabama

The show has met with a good response on WOTR 96.3.  It plays twice weekly. - Stephen Peters, WOTR West Virginia

Affiliate List

What Stations are Saying

What Stations are Saying





South Dakota 

KBJM Radio 


KNLV the Mighty 1060

New York



WJOC 1490

West Virginia 


WVRW 107.7

WOTR 96.3 


Here's a brief sample of the sound and the memories.

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